Augis' bulbs
Eugenijus Dambrauskas, Babtai, Kaunas r. LT-54333 LITHUANIA

       TULIPA BIFLORA.    Lovely  small tulip – flowers white with large golden centre, greenish grey on back. Very good grower and increaser .H-10cm. /0,50 EUR/

TULIPA BIFLORIFORMIS. Up to 10 small stary shape  white with large yellow centre flowers. From similar T.turkestanica differs by black or brown anthers,/0,50 EUR/

TULIPA BIFLORIFORMIS   S T A R L I G H T. Very distinct  form of this well growing here species.Nice bouquet up to 6 white with large yellow center flowers on short stem H – 15cm.The dwarfest  T.bifloriformis in our collection. Kirghistan Ala- Tau, Kirghistan./2,0 EUR

TULIPA BINUTANS. Flowers white with golden centre , up- turned, but in buttons and seedlpods stage  - looking dawn. H-15cm /3,0 EUR/

       TULIPA DASYSTEMON.  Flowers single dark yellow with dark green back. Leaves dark green. H-10cm. Our stock collected in Tadjikistan. /3,0 EUR/

TULIPA DASYSTEMONOIDES. Similar to T.bifloriformis, but much dwarfer and more compact.  Easy grower on open beds. From Ugam mnt  range, Uzbekistan./3,0 EUR

       TULIPA DUBIA. Very uniform stock propagated from 1 bulb, received from material collected in Beldersai valley, near Chimgan mnt range, Uzbekistan. Flowers golden yellow with orange red back among green leaves. H-25cm. Early, prefers well drainaged soils and sunny place. /3,0 EUR/

TULIPA DUBIA   B E L D E R S A I.  Distinct form with al most violet leaves. Flowers yellow with red back. From Beldersai valley population, near mnt Chimgan , Uzbekistan. /3,50 EUR/

TULIPA EICHLERII.  Flowers bright red  with acuminated petals and whitish cream with light sufussion triangle on exterior of outside petals. Early H-30-35cm./1,0 EUR/

TULIPA EICHLERI   E X C E L S A. Nice form of T.eichleri selected by Van Tubergen more than 70 years ago . Flowers large,  shiny red with black yellow center and grey yellowish back  typical for  T. eichleri ./4,0 EUR/

TULIPA FOSTERIANA  MRS. D A G N I A. One of most unusual wild forms of this asian species.Flowers large, bright red with very distinct wide orange yellow feathered tips of petals.Propagated from one plant collected by J.Ruksans in Agalik, Zeravshan mnt range. Interesting./2,50 EUR

TULIPA FOSTERIANA  P R I N C E P S. One of the clones selected from T.fosteriana. Seems it is the dwarfest cvs of this species - large red with scarlet inside flower on 15 -20cm stem among wide greyish green leaves.Very differs from other numerous red Fosteriana varieties./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA HISSARICA. Very early (sometimes together with Crocus vernus hybr.) flowering dwarf tulip from Tadjikistan. Flowers golden yellow with redish green exterior on 3-5 cm stem.Leaves slightly undulated.Well drained soil and sunny site./5,0 EUR/

TULIPA HISSARICA  L E M O N   J O Y.  Nice selection from material received from Tadjikistan. Flowers large, yellow with lemon green back, almost without reddish pink tint typical for most clones of T.hissarica. /8,0 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII  L O V E   D E S I R E.  At last, after carefull propagation, we offer few true T.greigii, without any blood of T.fosteriana, T.kaufmanniana. T.vvedenskyi. This excelent clone J.Ruksans collected in Kara Tau mnt range, Kazakhstan and it was

offered only 1 time (1985) in his local catalogue. Flowers huge, bright yellow with  red flame on back and large  blackish red spots inside on short 10cm stem. Leave broad, geyish green with small dark spots. One of the latest  „greig‘  in our collection. /10,0 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII   M I N U   A R M A S.  Very large flowes with typical shape for T.greigii, bright red with warm orange tint and large brownish black spots inside .  Leaves large, green with few dark spots. Excelent selection from material collected in Kirghizstan more than 20 years ago.H-30 cm.  Late.  / 8,0 EUR/



TULIPA GREIGII  S U N S E T   Well propagated clone of T.greiggi collected by J.Ruksans in Ber - Kara gorge, Kara - Tau mnt. Range, Kazakhstan  in early 90th or even earlier...The long time it was the most expensive Tulip in former Soviet Union (under name „Grand Deficit“) and have cost 15 Rublies .  Dark yellow  with orange red feathered picture inside and outside on 10-15cm stem.Leaves green , slightly spotted.  /8,0 EUR/


TULIPA  humilis ROSEA. Rose lilac with yellow center. H-20cm /0,50 EUR/

       TULIPA  humilis VIOLACEA. Inside dark purple with yellow center, outside – dark lilac with greenish grey suffusion. H-25cm . /0,50 EUR/

TULIPA HUMILIS  Z E P H Y R. Compact variety from T.humilis complex. Flowers reddish orange, 2-3 on 5-7cm stem. Leaves upright. /1,50 EUR/

TULIPA KAUFFMANIANA  C O C C I N E A. Very old form or cvs of T.kaufmanniana. Flowers cup shape, bright red with warm tint and large yellow center. From large bulbs often forms 2-3 flowers. Always is difficult to describe the red tulips – the all are less or more similar, but this is easy recognisable among others during blooming./4,0 EUR/

TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA  G R A C I A.  Very old variety  bred by I.D.Tjutjunnikov in Harkov, Ukraine almost  100 years ago. Flowers small  cup shape, cream with yellow centre and dark wine back. One the tallest among Kaufmanniana group cvs. H-35-40cm. Leaves green.Earlier it often has been met in Tulipa collections of amateur gardeners in Soviet Union, but now is disappeared and seems, offered only by me./3,50 EUR/

TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA  N E S S Y. Very early flowering tulip  - the first among Tulipa kaufmaniana cvs. According J.Ruksans, he selected it among numerous seedlings of T.kaufmaniana from C.Asia many years ago. Seems, that Nessy never have been for sale. It is real unique  - creamy whitish  flowers with rich apricot , brownish tinted centre and very unusual lilac back, nothing similar.... Leaves  greyish green. H- 20cm. Pity, but as all wild clones it also forms deep stolones./ 6,0 EUR/

TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA  S I J A N I J E.  One more cvs selected by Z.Botschantzeva from wild material, Uzbekistan. Flowers star shape, white with large bright yellow center and red marks, pink back. /4,0 EUR/


      TULIPA  kaufmaniana UGAM. Flowers long, white with yellowish centre and rosy back. Robust and tall (up to 40cm)  form from Uzbekistan. Early. /1,50  EUR/

TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA  U T R O  (Morning). Fine selection from wild  material  bred by Z.Botschantzeva. nicely differing from other  her cvs. Flowers cup shape with broad petals, creamy white with large yellow center and very small red points. Leaves  green,  wide with undulated edges. H-20cm. It is slower increaser , but forms larger bulbs./5,0 EUR/

TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA  V O S H O D   S O L N C A  (SUNRISE). Very early flowering (one of the first) variety raised by famous botanist Z.Botschantzeva in late of fiftieth.  Nice selection from wild material.Flowers stary, white with golden centre and small red points, back red wine. H-20cm. Very rarely offered cultivar./3,0 EUR/

 TULIPA  KURDICA Flowers purplish red on only 5-8cm stem among dark green narrow leaves. Excellent plant for rock garden . /1,50 EUR/

TULIPA PRAESTANS   Z W A N E  N B U R G.  Multiflora cvs with warm red flowers. From other T.praestans varieties differs by black filaments.H-25cm./1,50 EUR/

       TULIPA TARDA. Flowers white with large bright  yellow center, outside olive green with brownish tint, up to 7 per plant. H-15cm. Very easy tulip, excellent for naturalising – it can grow without transplanting for years... /0,20 EUR/

TULIPA TURKESTANICA  A M A N    K U T A N . From other T.turkestanica stocks it differs by shorter stem and large starshape yellow center. Nice and lovely form from Aman Kutan mnt pass, Seravschan mnt range, S.Uzbekistan. Easy. /3,0 EUR/

      TULIPA  turkestanica N1. Flowers stary , white with yellow center and yellow anthers, up to 10 on stem . H-20cm. From others our collection forms differs by very dark brown elongate bulbs. /0,80 EUR/

      TULIPA  tukestanicaN2. Similar to previous stock, but has yellowish round bulbs. /0,40 EUR /

     Tulipa  turkestanica aff. 311-2.  One of the loviest dwarf tulip of our collection. Flowers white with large yellow center on 8-10cm stem up to 7 per plant. Leave slightly undulated, pressed to soil level. Early. We seperated this marwelous sp. from tulips mix received from Tadjikistan. Excellent addition for rock garden and any Tulipa collection./3,0 EUR/

TULIPA URUMIENSIS.  Very easy tulip for nature compositions. Flowers deep yellow  with olive green back, up to 7-8 per bulb on 10-15cm stem.  Nice combination with at  the same time flowering T.tarda. /0,4 0 EUR/

TULIPA VVEDENSKYI. One of the latest tulips in our collection. Some stocks form long stolones and their lifting is more or less problematical, but clones from Chatkal grow nice large bulbs almost without stolones. Leaves are very ornamental – very undulated, pressed to soil level.

TULIPA VVEDENSKYI  A N G R E N  S T A R. Nice and distinct  form of T.vvedenskyi selected from wild material from Angren mnt range, Uzbekistan. Flowers clear orange, without reddish tint, with large yellow centre and yellow anthers. Leaves slightly undulated. Blooms some earlier than other forms of this sp. From cvs Orange Sunset it differs in acuminated tips of petals, clear yellow anthers and much compact plants. H-15 cm./2,50 EUR/

TULIPA VVEDENSKYI    CHATKAL  O R A N G E.  Nice selection from Chatkal mnt range, Uzbekistan material  . Flowers large,  shiny orange with yellow blackish center on 10 cm stem among very undulated leaves.  Very good increaser, plants from big bulbs do not form stolones. /3,0 EUR/

TULIPA VVEDENSKYI  C H A T K A L    R E D.  Once more selection from Chatkal material  - large, bright red with  yellow brownish center. Leaves very undulated. H-10 cm./3,0 EUR/

TULIPA VVEDENSKYI   O R A N G E   S U N S E T.  Flowers with wide , roundly tipped petals, orange with yellow centre on 15-18 cm stem. /1,20 EUR/

TULIPA VVEDENSKYI    R E D   E L F.   I do not know exact origin of this clone –we grew it as  red form of T.vvedenskyi for years. Flowers smaller than other clones,  but cleary red, without any trace of orange on very short , only 5-6cm stem  among very undulated leaves. Very distinct form with most undulated leaves and latest blooming. Excelent for rock garden./3,0 EUR/

TULIPA VVEDENSKYI   T A N G E R I N E   B E A U T Y.. Red with orange tint  and yellow bronish centre. Leaves strongly undulated. H - 15-17cm. /1,0 EUR/

TULIPA VVEDENSKYI x A M B E R L A N D.  Late flowering hybrid with changing colour – it begins to bloom light yellow, later - apricot with bronse tint and blackish center. Leaves undulated , almost violet.  H-15cm./2,50 EUR/

TULIPA VVEDENSKYI x  D A D Z I T I S.    Formerly we have bought it from J.Ruksans as cvs of T.greigii and really, it is one the largest  T.vvedenskyi hybrids. Flowers  large, red with yellow margins and multicoloured  ( black – red  - yellow) center. Leaves – green. H-15cm.  /3, EUR/

TULIPA VVEDENSKYI x G I R L F R I E N D.  Tulip chameleon, changes the colour with every day - begins to flower in yellow with red back, but fastly turns to apricot orange with reddish browm tint. Leaves nicely strongly undulated with purple violet stripes. Dwarf. /2,50 EUR/

TULIPA VVEDENSKYI x G O L D M I N E. One of the finest J.Ruksans kybrids  - dark yellow with red back and black/red center. Nice combination of very clear colours. Leaves violet striped, undulated. H-25cm. My favorite ./4,0 EUR/


TULIPA VVEDENSKYI x K U R S U   D Z I N T A R S.  This variety was received  more than 10 years ago under this name and  I  do not know what is  his name  at present, after Janis " last renaming, sorry...  Flowers middle size, yellow with orange tint and red/black center on 20cm stem among violet striped undulated leaves./2,50 EUR/

TULIPA VVEDENSKYI  X  L A T V I A N   G O L D. Flowers yellow with red back and red/brown centre. Leave wide, slightly undulated , green with brown stripes./2,50 EUR/

TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA GROUP. The earliest Tulipa in my garden - the first cvs(especially wild clones)starts to bloom together with  late Crocus. Because of cool weather they flower long and create very nice picture - colourfull spots on black soil ground.If soil is light and well drained, these tulips can grow for years without lifting forming nice, very abundantly blooming clumps.

TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA x  A L F R E D   C O R T O T. Dark red with bright black without yellow margin center.  Leaves with violet stripes (almost violet purle). Blooms some later than other red ‚kaumans‘. H-20cm./1,0 EUR/

TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA  x  B R I L L I A N T.  Early blooming ‚kaufman‘ with warm red flowers and yellow center flowers. H – 25cm./1,0 EUR/

TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA x D U P L O S A. One of the rarest kaufmanniana  raised  more then 50 years ago. Flower semi double, dark rapsberry pink with yellow centre on short stem among green leaves. Nice tulip, resembles waterlily. H- only 15 cm./5,0 EUR/

TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA x E L L I O T T. Distinct variety  with large very deep yellow centre..Leaves green. H-20cm./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA x F A I R  L A D Y.  Cream with yellow base and red stripes in centre . Exterior - carmine red. H - 20cm./1,0 EUR/


TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA   x   G A I E T Y. Nice dwarf „kaufman“ with white flowers and large bright yellow center with reddish back on 10cm stem among green undulated leaves./1,50 EUROS/


TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA x  G I U S E P E    V E R D I.  Yellow with red points in center and orange red back. Leaves with light violet stripes./1,0 EUR/


TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA x H O L L A N Ds   B A BY. One the finest dwarf fully double T.kaufmanniana  cvs. H- 20cm./1,0 EUR/

TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA x J O S E F  K A F K A. Old variety raised by Tubergen , 1942. Yellow with red blotched centre. Very distict leaves - green with wide violet stripes./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA x  J O Y   B E L L S. Red with yellow center.From other red ‚kaufmans‘ differs by wide petals, cup shape flower, broad leaves. Compact nad stucky plant. H- 20 cm./1,0 EUR/

TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA x L A D Y   R O S E. I am not sure how true is name of this cultivar - I obtained it many years ago under this name and up to now did not meet nothing similar.According literature , it would have to be one of the oldest clone of wild T.kaumanniana succesfully introduced to market.In any case , it ir really nice variety, very differs from all others in unique soft pink colour and good growing./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA x M A G N I F I C E N T.  White with yellow center and red back. Leaves green. H-20 cm. /1,0 EUR/


TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA  x  O R A N G E   B O Y.  One of earliest ‚kaufmans‘. Nice star shape flowers  bright orange with warm red tint and large yellow center. Leaves green. H- 20 cm /1,50 EUR/

TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA  S C A R L E T   E L E G A N C E.  Graceful carmine red flowers with narrow petals and bright yellow center. Leaves green. H – 25cm./0,80 EUR/

TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA x T H E   F I R S T. Early flowering variety  with large flower on short stem. Leaves green./1,0 EUR/

TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA x T U K U M A   S O N A T A.   Nice tulip of Latvian origin. Distincts from others by colourful base, short stems, wide slightly undulated leaves./2,0 EUR/


TULIPA KAUFMANNIANA  Z E L T A  C O R O N A. Nice sport of T.kaufmanniana „Corona „ received in Latvia. Much brighter than initial cvs – flowers star shape, rich yellow with large red ring in center. H -25cm./2,0 EUR/

TULIPA FOSTERIANA GROUP. They continue blooming of T.kaufmanniana.Good garden plants - large very bright flowers, trouble - free growing and increasing, H-30-35cm.

TULIPA FOSTERIANA  x  D E C O R A. Flowers bright red.  Interesting foliage – the leaves with reddish white, later white nawrrow margins. Nice addition to variegata tulips. Rarely offerd sport of cvs ‚Feu Superbe‘ bred in  Czech Republic./3,0 EUR/

TULIPA FOSTERIANA  x  E A S T E R   M O O N. One more variegata Foster. Flowers large, cup shape, creamy yellow with  creamy whitish edges. Leaves green with white margins./1,50 EUR/


TULIPA FOSTERIANA x E A S T E R   P A R A D E. Yellow with red exterior and large black/red centre./1,0 EUR/

TULIPA FOSTERIANA x F L A M I N G   R A D I A N C E.  Tulip chameleon - from bright yellow turns to orange with very small red stripes and points. Interesting./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA FOSTERIA x G O L D   B E A T E R. Yellow with blackish brown marked red center. Leaves green./1,0 EUR/

TULIPA FOSTERIANA x G O L D B E A T E R.  Golden yellow with blackish center. /1,0 EUR

TULIPA FOSTERIANA x  G R A N D   C O U L E E . Flowers large, glittering reshiny red with contrast black  center. .Leaves green. H -50cm.Nice and rarely offered ‚foster“./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA FOSTERIANA x G R A N D   P R I X.  Yellow with red blotches inside and red with yellow margins back . Nice compact plants./1,50 EUR/ 


TULIPA FOSTERIANA x  H I T  P A R A D E. Large long flower, deep yellow with bloody red back. inside rich yellow with black, reddy edged centre./1,0 EUR/

TULIPA FOSTERIANA  H O N O R O S E. White „foster“ with yellow/ red marked  center and wine rose back.  Large flowers. H-30cm. /1,50 EUR/

TULIPA FOSTERIANA x H U M O R E S Q U E. Creamy with black/red base./1,0 EUR/

TULIPA FOSTERIANA x  I N T E R M E Z Z O. Light cream , later almost white, with small red spots on base of every petal , back – light rose. Leaves  - green.   Flowers large, often with 8 petals./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA FOSTERIANA x P I R A N D A. Interesting and unusual tulip – flowers large, red with white. Good grower and increaser here./1,0 EUR/

TULIPA FOSTERIANA x P U R I S S I M A  D E S I G N. Large white flowers , leaves with contrast  wide whitish edge. /1,50 EUR/

TULIPA FOSTERIANA x R O B A S S A.  Shiny red with very ornamental leaves – green with wide creamy white margin.H-30cm./1,50 EUR/


 TULIPA FOSTERIANA  x  R O S Y  D R E A M S.  Nice and colourfull Foster – outside pink with white edeges, inside white with yellow-bronse –red center. Later – pink with carmin tint. Leaves green. H- 40cm. /2,50 EUR/



TULIPA FOSTERIANA x S A L U T. White with contrast wide red ring in center. Nice and robust tulip./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA FOSTERIANA  X   S P R I N G   P E A R L . Flowerrs elegant shape, deep rapsberry rose. H-35 cm./1,0 EUR/


TULIPA GREIGII x  A N T O N I  VAN  R E G E L.  We received this variety under such name  from Latvian gardeners , grow for years, but nowhere found its origin.Flowers yellow with black/red centre. H-25cm. Good grower and increaser./1,0 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII  X   A U T H O R I T Y .Large flower on short stem among wide stripped leaves - nice... H-15cm. Early./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x B L E S S I NG. Rapsberry pink with blackish with yellow center. Leaves mottled . /1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII  x  C H I N A   L A D Y.  Flowers large, creamy white with reddish back and black- red – yellow  center. Leaves purple striped. H - 30 cm. /2,0 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x C O R A L   S A T I N. Bright rapsberry with blackish  yellow edged center. Very fine and compact  greig  with wide petals, nice shape of flower, broad violet striped leaves. H- 15-20cm. /2,0 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x  D U B B E L E      R O O D C A P J E.   Flowers double, bright red with black center. Very attractive leaves – with dark purple stripes.  Nice sport of Red Ridding Hood. H -25cm.  /2,0 EUT

TULIPA GREIGII x F L A M I N G   T O R C H.  One more colourfull greig – nice combination of red – yellow – black colours. Leaves violet striped./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x  F U R  E L I S EE. Flowers yellowish with unusual apricot bronse tint. Leaves striped. Compact . H-25cm. /1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x  G O L D E N E S   P R A G. Nice greig with compact plant and yellow flowers with black / red centre . Leaves with wide violet stripes. H - 25cm /1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII X  L O N G F E L L O W. Flowers bright red with distinct black (without yellow margins) centre and with shape very typical for T.greigii. Nice violet stripped leaves. H - 45 cm./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x  J O L I   C O E U R. Red with whitish feathered edges, center –blackish with yellow margins. Leaves violet mottled./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII  x  O R A N G E   T O R O N T O.  Orange version of popular cvs Toronto . also very good grower and increaser, perfectly grow here 2-3 years without transplanting./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII X  P L A I Z I R. One of finest dwarf  T.greigii cvs - large multicoloured flower on very short stem among wide violet purple leaves. Good grower and increaser. H - 20 cm./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII X  T O R O N T O.  Popular widely grown variery. H - 25 cm./0,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x  Q U E B E C.  Whitish cream with long  pinkish rose stripe in center of each petal. Leaves light violet striped. H -25cm. /2,0 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII X  U N I T E D   S T A T E S. Flowers large, polychrome, leaves slightly mottled.H- 40cm. Late./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x  Y E L L O W   D A W N. Dark yellow with brown / red centre. Very wide leaves with  nice net of violet purple stripes and mottles. H - 30cm./1,0 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x  Z A M P A.Whitish cream with greenish bronse centre. Dwarf.Nice mottled leaves. H-20cm./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA FERGANICA.  Elegant tulip with golden, warm  red back flowers. H-30cm. /4,0 EUR/

TULIPA aff. SPRENGERI. Bright red with. wine red back and  black center. Late. H-30cm./1,0 EUR/

TULIPA VVEDENSKYI x  M Y   S U P P O R T. Flowers warm orange with yellowish back and golden feathered edges of petals – very lovely combination of orange, yellow and cream tins. Leaves slightly undulated  with bright picture of purple stripes./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA VVEDENSKYI x  S W I N G. Compact plant with bright red flowers and green, slightly undulated leaves./1,0 EUR/

GOLDEN DAYLIGHT. Dark yellow with bright red back and large red center. One of the latest ‘kaufmanniana” hybrid./1,50 EUR/

GOUDSTUCK. Bright yellow with red back and blackish red blotches in center. Leaves are green./1,50 EUR/

SHOWWINNER. Dark red. Leaves with violet brown picture.  One of the earliest red  hybrids in this group./1,0 EUR/

STRESA. Yellow with warm red back . Interesting  cvs with wide petals . Ornamental leaves –green with brown stripes./1,50 EUR/

TARTINI. Flowers large, with long petals , back carmine red with white edge, inside white with golden – red center. Leaves brightly mottled./1,50 EUR/

PINKEEN. Flowers large, rose, later – rose red. Leaves green./1,50 EUR/

SAMBA. Sulphur yellow, later-  almost white with deep bronse center. Leaves green./1,0 EUR

TOULON. Bright orange red with black/yellow center. Leave very ornamental – reddish brown with  green lines./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII    E V E N I N G     F I R E.  J. Ruksans has selected it from material collected in Berkara gorge in Kara –Tau mountains.  Flowers bright red with large black center.  Leaves with light purple stripes. Good grower and increaser here. /3,0 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII    J A C K I E. Compact plant from Kirghiztan with large flower typical shape for wild T.greigii.  Lemon yellow with blackish red picture in center. Very wide, slightly mottled leaves. /10,0 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x C A L I F O R N I A N   S U N. Excellent sport of “PLAIZIR” . Flowers large, yellow with red wide stripes on each petal and golden black center. From “PLAIZIR’ it inherited compact plants, wide striped leaves and good growing. H-20cm./2,0 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x E A R L Y   S T A R.  Bright yellow with warm red back  and  ornamental purple striped leaves. Early./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x F I R S T    I M P R E S S I O N. Flowers large with very nice shape of ‘wild greigii’  and lovely combination of bright yellow and red. One of the finest ‘polychrome’ T.greigii cultivars.H-40cm./2,0 EUR/

TULIPA  GREIGII x  L O V E L Y   S U R P R I S E. Red with narrow  golden margins. Leaves striped. H-35 -40 cm. /1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII X  L U C K Y   L A D Y. Bright yellow with red back and large red center. Leaves with bright purple stripes./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII X  L U C K Y   L A D Y. Bright yellow with red back and large red center. Leaves with bright purple stripes./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x  M A R C H   of   T I M E. Bright red with black center. Ornamental leaves – with bright purple striped picture. Compact./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x  O R I E N T A L   S P L E N D O U R. Flowers large, lemon yellow with red back. Leaves very wide, almost purple with green veins. H-40cm./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x  P I N K   S E N S A T I O N. Compact plant with deep rose flowers and purple striped leaves./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x  Q U E E N   I N G R I D .  Whitish with carmine red back and golden-red black center.Leaves with purple stripes./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x  R O S E  D” A M O U R. Compact plants with purple striped leaves. Flowers  softly pink with creamy feathering, later – deep rosy with lighter edges. H-20 cm./1,50 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x  T R O U V A I L L E. Warm red with blackish center. Very wide purple striped leaves. H- 30 cm. Sport of “YELLOW DAWN’/1,50 EUR/


GRAND  EFFECT. Seems , that it is  the first variegata tulip. Flowers middle size, white on 30cm stem. Very ornamental leaves – green with wide yellow/white margin. Sport of “Engelenburcht”./2,0 EUR/

JUDITH LEYSTER. Interesting tulip  - begins to bloom white with soft rose margins, later – white with bright red  and finish  almost carmine red. /1,0 EUR/

D A R W I N hybrids.  Early and long  blooming tulips with large flowers on tall thick stem. We  offer few old varieties which were very popular among  gardeners in East Europe, but now are rarely grown and almost not offered.

ERIC HOFSJO.  Large flowers, pinkish red , edged yellow. Earlier it was very popular in Tulipa collections among Soviet Union gardeners./0,60 EUR/

FORGOTTEN DREAMS. Flowers very large, orange red with camellia rose tint and narrow yellow edges. Large , very wide leaves./0,60/

FRINGED ELEGANCE. Light yellow with pink dots and pale yellow fringe. Sport of “ Jewel of Spring”./0.50 EUR/

GARANT.  Bright yellow  with very ornamental leaves – dark green with contrasting yellow edge./0,60 EUR/

MARIA”S DREAMS. Flowers large,  ivory white , later – pure white on thick stems. One of the finest and earliest white large blooming tulip. H-60cm./1,0 EUR/

ORANGE QUEEN. Flowers mandarin orange with yellowish glow, later -bright orange, without any tint of red./0,50 EUR/

PINK IMPRESSION. Large flowers rose  with light lilac tint./0,60 EUR/

SILVERSTREAM. Light yellow with reddish  feathering. Leaves green  with white margin. Sport of  “Jewel of Spring ”/0,50 EUR/

SUN LOVER.  Large fully double flowers, dark yellow , later with dense redish stripes and dots./0,50 EUR/

SURPRISE. Orange red with wide yellow edge. Sport of ‘Apeldoorn’s Elite”./0,50 EUR/

TENDER BEAUTY. Fine compact plant with large flowers , white   with narrow  light rose edge , later – white with wide reddish rose   margins. Weak increaser , rarely offered in trade market./2,0 EUR/

TON AUGUSTINUS. Bright red. Leaves with white margin./0,60 EUR/

TULIPA GREIGII x C A L I F O R N I A N   S U N. Excellent sport of “PLAIZIR” . Flowers large, yellow with red wide stripes on each petal and golden black center. From “PLAIZIR’ it inherited compact plants, wide striped leaves and good growing. H-20cm./2,0 EUR/

CRYSTAL BEAUTY. Bright red with fringed margins. Sport of “Apeldoorn”/0,50 EUR/

TRIUMPH TULIPS.  Compact plants blooming some later than Darwin hybrids.